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Hey there! My name is Namrita and I am the founder of Arterior.

As a Registered Nurse with a passion for art, plants and home décor, I always wanted to take my love for these things to the next level. Coming home after a busy shift, I used to find solace in caring for plants, watching them grow, re-potting them and just spending time with them. A lifelong passion for growing and nurturing plants has now blossomed into a lovely place where I get to meet amazing, like minded people like you and share my favorite plants, pots, plant designs and related home décor items!

At Arterior, you are always going to find something you love: be it a plant, a vase, a hand poured candle or a handmade piece of wall art – to suit your preferences and lifestyles. All our items are hand picked, hand made sustainably and sourced ethically. We care about the planet we live on and this reflects in the way we run Arterior and the products we carry.

Whether you are a new plant parent or beginner in home décor, I am always happy to offer my advice. With lots of sustainable gifting options as well, you will not be disappointed when looking for gifts for your loved ones.

Browse our website for more information, drop by in person or call us today to learn more about our products and services.

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